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Grano : Trumpet Minuet in D Major
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Grano : Miscellaneous Keyboard Pieces

Grano Sheet Music

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Trumpet Minuet in D Major

Grano, John Baptist (ca 1692 - ca 1748)

A brilliant Trumpet Minuet by Grano (Intermediate)!   

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Includes : One solo score (5 pages)

Difficulty level : Grade 5/12

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Program Notes on Trumpet Minuet in D Major by Grano :

This Trumpet Minuet in D Major by John Baptist Grano was probably composed in 1731.

This minuet features an A-B-A musical form :
  • Section A : (measures 1-48) in the main key of D Major
  • Section B : (measures 49-80) in the parallel key of D minor
  • Section A : (measures 1-48) repeated without modifications
This score of Grano's Trumpet Minuet contains suggestions for realizing the ornaments in accordance with Baroque performance practice.

These ornaments are :
  • Trills on repeated notes (measures 2, 4, 10, 12 and similar) : these trills are played ON the beat, starting on the upper auxiliary note, and may include more or less repercussions depending on the player's taste and ability. However, we suggest no termination for these trills
  • Cadential trills (measures 14, 31, 47 and 79) : cadential trills are played ON the beat and begin on the upper auxiliary note. As shown in small print in the score, we suggest adding an anticipation note to the trills in measures 14, 31 and 47
Moreover, please note that in the Baroque style, most quarter notes should be played slightly detached.

Finally, the dynamics given in this score are purely editorial and should be considered as mere suggestions to the player.

Sources :

John Baptist Grano, Miscellaneous Keyboard Pieces.

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Sheet music details :


(Menuet de trompette - Minuet in D Major)
ComposerGrano, John Baptist (ca 1692 - ca 1748) Opus/catalog number
MovementsMinuet Composition/First publicationBaroque period
InstrumentationPiano StyleBaroque (1600-1750)
KeyD Major Duration02:24
EditionEdited by M.A. Caux DifficultyGrade 5/12

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