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Baroque Music |  Baroque Composers |  Important Baroque Works

Baroque Music :

In the history of music, the Baroque period approximately extends from 1600 to 1750.

It thus comes after the Renaissance period and is followed by the Classical period.

During the Baroque period, composers further developed the concept of functional tonality.

Both composers and performers made a lavish use of ornamentation.

Performers developed new and more complex instrumental playing techniques.

It is also during the Baroque period that opera was established as a musical genre.

Composers from the Baroque Period :

Arne, Thomas Augustine Geoffroy, Jean-Nicolas Petzold, Christian
Babell, William Grano, John Baptist Purcell, Daniel
Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel Graupner, Christoph Purcell, Henry
Bach, Johann Christoph Friedrich Handel, George Frideric Rameau, Jean-Philippe
Bach, Johann Sebastian Hasse, Johann Adolf Rosa, Salvator
Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann Krebs, Johann Ludwig Scarlatti, Alessandro
Blow, John Krieger, Johann Scarlatti, Domenico
Böhm, Georg Kuhnau, Johann Seixas, Carlos de
Buttstett, Johann Heinrich Locatelli, Pietro Antonio Sperontes
Clarke, Jeremiah Lully, Jean-Baptiste Stölzel, Gottfried Heinrich
Corelli, Arcangelo Martini, Giovanni Battista Tartini, Giuseppe
Couperin, François Neufville, Johann Jakob de Telemann, Georg Philipp
Dandrieu, Jean-François Pachelbel, Johann Vivaldi, Antonio
Fiocco, Joseph-Hector Pasquini, Bernardo Zipoli, Domenico
Froberger, Johann Jakob Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista

Works from the Baroque Period :

ComposerTitleOriginal Instrumentation
ArneVIII Sonatas or Lessons for the HarpsichordPiano
BabellWorks for the KeyboardPiano
Bach, C.P.E.Pieces from the Notebook for Anna Magdalena BachPiano
Bach, J.S.Cantata BWV 147Choir SATB and orchestra
Bach, J.S.Concerto for harpsichord in F minor, BWV 1056Piano and orchestra
Bach, J.S.Concerto for violin (or oboe) in G minor, BWV 1056RViolin and piano
Bach, J.S.Das Wohltemperierte Klavier 1Piano
Bach, J.S.English Suites, BWV 806-811Piano
Bach, J.S.French Suites, BWV 812-817Piano
Bach, J.S.Inventions and Sinfonias, BWV 772-801Piano
Bach, J.S.Little Fugues and Preludes with FughettasPiano
Bach, J.S.Orchestral Suites & Sinfonia, BWV 1066-1071Orchestra
Bach, J.S.Pieces from the Clavier Book for Wilhelm Friedemann BachPiano
Bach, J.S.Pieces from the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach (1725)Piano
Bach, J.S.Pieces from the Notebook for Wolfgang MozartPiano
Bach, J.S.Six Little Preludes for Beginners at the Keyboard, BWV 933-938Piano
Bach, J.S.Six Little Preludes from the Kellner Collection, BWV 939-943 and 999Piano
Bach, J.S.Six Suites for Violoncello Solo, BWV 1007-1012Cello solo
Bach, J.S.Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin, BWV 1001-1006Violin solo
Bach, J.S.Sonatas for Flute and Keyboard, BWV 1030-1035Flute and piano
Bach, J.S.Sonatas for Violin and Harpsichord, BWV 1014-1019Violin and piano
Bach, J.S.Suites for Keyboard, BWV 818-824Piano
Bach, J.S.Weihnachtsoratorium, BWV 248Choir SATB and organ
Bach, J.S.Works for Solo Lute, BWV 995-1000Guitar
Bach, JCFMusikalische NebenstundenPiano
Bach, WFMiscellaneous Keyboard PiecesPiano
ButtstedtMiscellaneous Keyboard PiecesPiano
ClarkeMiscellaneous Pieces for the Harpsichord or SpinetPiano
ClarkeThe Island PrincessOpera
Corelli12 Concerti grossi, Op. 6Orchestra
Corelli12 Sonatas for Violin and Basso Continuo, Op. 5Violin and piano
Corelli12 Trio Sonatas for Two Violins and Basso Continuo, Op. 1Two violins and piano
CouperinL'Art de toucher le clavecinPiano
CouperinPièces de clavecin (Premier livre)Piano
DandrieuMiscellaneous Pieces for the HarpsichordPiano
DandrieuPremier Livre de pièces de clavecinPiano
FioccoPièces de clavecin, Op. 1Piano
GeoffroyMiscellaneous Keyboard PiecesPiano
GraupnerMiscellaneous Keyboard PiecesPiano
Handel18 Tunes for Clay's Musical Clock, Set II, HWV 598-604Piano
HandelAlmira, HWV 1Opera
HandelJudas Maccabaeus, HWV 63Choir SATB and orchestra
HandelMiscellaneous Keyboard WorksPiano
HandelMiscellaneous Movements & Dances for Keyboard, HWV 457-586Piano
HandelMusic for the Royal Fireworks, HWV 351Orchestra
HandelPoro, re dell'Indie, HWV 28Opera
HandelSonatas for Flute and ContinuoFlute and piano
HandelSonatas for Violin and ContinuoViolin and piano
HandelSuites & Overtures for Keyboard, HWV 426-456Piano
HandelTolomeo, re d'Egitto, HWV 25Opera
HandelWater Music, HWV 348-350Orchestra
KriegerSechs Musicalische PartienPiano
Locatelli12 Sonatas for Flute and Basso Continuo, Op. 2Flute and piano
LullyMiscellaneous Instrumental WorksViolin and piano
MartiniSonate d'intavolatura per l'organo e il cembaloPiano
Neufville, J.J. deMiscellaneous Keyboard PiecesPiano
PachelbelChamber MusicThree violins and cello
PachelbelMiscellaneous Keyboard PiecesPiano
PasquiniMiscellaneous Keyboard PiecesPiano
PergolesiAriasVoice (1/6 : Highest) and piano
PetzoldPieces from the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach (1725)Piano
Purcell, D.Miscellaneous Keyboard PiecesPiano
Purcell, H.20 Keyboard Pieces (1993)Piano
Purcell, H.A Choice Collection of Lessons for the Harpsichord or SpinnetPiano
Purcell, H.Incidental Music for Abdelazer, Z. 570Orchestra
Purcell, H.Incidental Music to The Double Dealer, Z 592Orchestra
Purcell, H.Incidental Music to The Old Bachelor, Z 607Orchestra
Purcell, H.Works from The Second Part of Musick's Hand-maidPiano
RameauHyppolyte et AricieOpera
RameauNouvelles Suites de pièces de clavecinPiano
RameauPièces de clavecinPiano
RosaMiscellaneous Keyboard PiecesPiano
Scarlatti, A.Miscellaneous Keyboard PiecesPiano
Scarlatti, D.Sonatas for Harpsichord or PianoPiano
SeixasKeyboard SonatasPiano
SperontesSingende Muse an der PleissePiano
StölzelPartita di Signore SteltzelnPiano
TartiniTrio SonatasTwo violins and piano
TelemannFantaisies pour le clavessin, 3 Douzaines, TWV 33Piano
TelemannMiscellaneous Keyboard PiecesPiano
TelemannOrchestral Suites, TWV 55Orchestra
TelemannSuites for Harpsichord, TWV 32Piano
TelemannXII Fantasie per il violino senza basso, TWV 40:14-25Violin solo
Vivaldi12 Sonatas for Violin and Basso Continuo, Op. 2Violin and basso continuo
Vivaldi6 Concerti a flauto traverso, Op. 10Flute, strings and continuo
VivaldiIl cimento dell'armonia e dell'inventione, Op. 8Violin, strings and continuo
ZipoliMiscellaneous Keyboard PiecesPiano
ZipoliSonate d'Intavolatura per Organo e Cimbalo, Op. 1Piano

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