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Telemann : Fantaisies TWV 33

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Details about Telemann : Fantaisies TWV 33 |  Associated sheet music

These 36 Fantasies for the Harpsichord by Georg Philipp Telemann are grouped into three series of twelve.

They are very much representative of Telemann's introduction to Germany of the galant style from France, which is characterized by a lighter and less contrapuntal style of writing.

Furthermore, Telemann's Fantaisies TWV 33 are considered to be precursors of the Classical sonata form, thus preparing the way for Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach in the eighteenth century.

A note about ornamentation :

As did many composers of the Baroque period, Telemann used the plus sign + to indicate where an ornament might be added, but always leaving the choice of the particular ornament to the performer.

As a rule of thumb, it is good to remember that mordents sound good on ascending notes, while trills work well on descending notes.

Also, cadential trills are required in Baroque music even if not indicated by the composer.

Details about Telemann : Fantaisies TWV 33

Title : Fantaisies pour le clavessin, TWV 33
Subtitle : 3 douzaines, TWV 33 - Fantasies - Fantasias - Fantasy
Composer : Telemann, Georg Philipp (1681-1767)
Catalog : TWV 33
Style : Baroque
Composed/published : Hamburg, 1732-1733
Original instrumentation : Piano

Sources : Georg Philipp Telemann, Fantaisies pour le clavessin [Fantasies for the Harpsichord, 3 Dozens], TWV 33 (Hamburg, 1732-1733).

Sheet music associated with Telemann : Fantaisies TWV 33

TWV 33:1 Fantaisie in D Major, TWV 33:1   D MajorPiano
TWV 33:16 (III) Fantaisie in D Major, TWV 33:16 (III : Vite)   D MajorPiano
TWV 33:2 Fantaisie in D minor, TWV 33:2   D minorPiano
TWV 33:21 Fantaisie in E minor, TWV 33:21 -- Urtext   E minorPiano
TWV 33:29 (I) Fantaisie in G minor, TWV 33:29 (I : Allegro) -- Urtext   G minorPiano
TWV 33:29 (II) Fantaisie in G minor, TWV 33:29 (II : Soave) -- Urtext   G minorPiano
TWV 33:3 Fantaisie in E Major, TWV 33:3   E MajorPiano
TWV 33:35 Fantasia in E flat Major, TWV 33:35 -- Urtext   E flat MajorPiano
TWV 33:36 (I) Fantaisie in B flat Major, TWV 33:36 (I : Vivace) -- Urtext   B flat MajorPiano
TWV 33:36 (II) Fantaisie in B flat Major, TWV 33:36 (II : Arioso) -- Urtext   G minorPiano
TWV 33:4 Fantaisie in E minor, TWV 33:4 -- Urtext   E minorPiano
TWV 33:5 Fantaisie in F Major, TWV 33:5 -- Urtext   F MajorPiano
TWV 33:6 Fantasia in F minor, TWV 33:6 -- Urtext   F minorPiano
TWV 33:7 (II) Fantaisie in G Major, TWV 33:7 (II : Largo) -- Urtext   E minorPiano
TWV 33:8 Fantasia in G minor, TWV 33:8 -- Urtext   G minorPiano
TWV 33:9 Fantasia in A Major, TWV 33:9 -- Urtext   A MajorPiano

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