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Tchaikovsky : Song of the Lark, Op. 39, No. 22
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Tchaikovsky : Album for the Young, Op. 39

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Song of the Lark, Op. 39, No. 22

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Il'yich (1840-1893)

A gorgeous imitation of the lark by Tchaikovsky (Intermediate)!   

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Includes : One solo score (2 pages)

Difficulty level : Grade 7/12

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Program Notes on Song of the Lark, Op. 39, No. 22 by Tchaikovsky :

This beautiful Song of the Lark, Op. 39, No. 22 is the twenty-second of 24 pieces in Tchaikovsky's Album for the Young.

It was first published by Jurgenson in 1878 as No. 22.

Tchaikovsky's Song of the Lark is written in the key of G Major.

It is appropriate for Grade 7 piano students.

This Song of the Lark, Op. 39, No. 22 by Tchaikovsky features an A-B-A'-Coda musical form :
  1. Section A (measures 1 to 8) : two similar 4-bar phrases, where the right hand imitates the rhythm typical of the lark's song

  2. Section B (measures 9 to 19) : a contrasting section in the relative minor key (E minor)

  3. Section A' (measures 20 to 27) : identical to measures 1 to 8, except the last two bars

  4. Coda (measures 28 to 32) : repeated appoggiaturas on the dominant (D) followed by a rapid downwards G Major arpeggio
Please note that in this score, the slurs and dynamics are faithful to Tchaikovsky's autograph manuscript.

As its title implies, the Song of the Lark by Tchaikovsky depicts in a very effective way this small passerine bird.

The pianist will have pleasure imitating the lark's melodious song, its running and hopping on the ground, and its playful flight.

Sources :

Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky, Album for the Young [Detskii Albom], Op. 39 (Moscow : P. Jurgenson, 1878).

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Sheet music details :


(Chant de l'alouette - Album for the Young)
ComposerTchaikovsky, Pyotr Il'yich (1840-1893) Opus/catalog numberOpus 39, No. 22
MovementsModerato Composition/First publicationMoscow, 1878
InstrumentationPiano StyleRomantic (1815-1910)
KeyG Major Duration01:01
EditionEdited by M.A. Caux DifficultyGrade 7/12

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