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General remarks on Pizzicato |  Sheet music for practicing Pizzicato

General remarks on Pizzicato

Pizzicato is a playing technique whereby the player plucks the strings with the fingers rather than using the bow.

The sound produced by playing pizzicato is very different from that produced by bowing, as it is short and percussive rather than sustained.

In music notation, pizzicato is indicated by the abbreviation pizz, while a return to bowing is indicated by the Italian term arco.

There also exists the left-hand pizzicato, usually indicated by a small cross above the note.

Sheet music for practicing Pizzicato

We have found 4 score(s) for practicing this technique :

ComposerTitleInstrumentationDifficultyMidi file
Dancla Study in C Major, Op. 84, No. 30 (Le Rossignol)   

 →  A playful conversation between three birds (Easy)!
Violin solo3 PLAY
Eberhardt, G. Harlekin, Op. 82, No. 2   

 →  A fun piece to practice left hand pizzicato (Easy)!
Violin and piano3 PLAY
Haesche Souvenir de Wieniawski No. 1   

 →  A challenging concert piece for violin (Intermediate)!
Violin and piano7 PLAY
Trott The Puppet Show, Op. 5, No. 1   

 →  A lovely piece for Grade 4 violinists by Josephine Trott!
Violin and piano4 PLAY

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