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Pasquini : Miscellaneous Keyboard Pieces

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Details about Pasquini : Miscellaneous Keyboard Pieces |  Associated sheet music

These Miscellaneous Keyboard Pieces by Bernardo Pasquini were composed during the Baroque period.

Details about Pasquini : Miscellaneous Keyboard Pieces

Title : Miscellaneous Keyboard Pieces
Subtitle : Works for piano, organ or harpsichord
Composer : Pasquini, Bernardo (1637-1710)
Catalog :
Style : Baroque
Composed/published : Baroque period
Original instrumentation : Piano

Sources : Bernardo Pasquini, Miscellaneous Keyboard Pieces.

Sheet music associated with Pasquini : Miscellaneous Keyboard Pieces

  Aria in C Major   C MajorPiano
  Aria in C minor   C minorPiano

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