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Mozart : London Sketchbook

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Details about Mozart : London Sketchbook |  Associated sheet music

In June 1763, together with his parents and sister, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart left his native Salzburg for the family's first major European tour.

Introduced as child prodigies, young Wolfgang and his sister Nannerl gave numerous concerts and were granted audiences with leading monarchs of the time.

After stops in numerous places (including Paris), the Mozart family arrived in London in late April 1764.

There, the eight-year-old Wolfgang and his sister were introduced to King George III.

It is during that time that Wolfgang started filling the London Notebook in order to perfect himself in the art of composition.

The pieces in the notebook reflect the musical surroundings of the young boy, namely the influence of Johann Christian Bach (1735-1782), who lived in London at the time and with whom Wolfgang had a chance to improvise on the harpsichord.

Mozart held J.C. Bach's works in high esteem, as he appreciated their charm, lightness, spontaneity and rococo grace and cheerfulness.

The London Music Book is also known as the Chelsea Notebook or the Londoner Skizzenbuch.

It bears the heading di Wolfgango Mozart à Londra 1764 inscribed by Leopold Mozart.

Mozart's London Sketchbook contains 43 pieces for piano.

Details about Mozart : London Sketchbook

Title : London Sketchbook
Subtitle : London Notebook - Londoner Notenbuch - Londoner Skizzenbuch - Chelsea Notebook
Composer : Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791)
Catalog : K 15 a-ss
Style : Classical
Composed/published : London, 1764-1765
Original instrumentation : Piano

Sources : Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, London Sketchbook (London, 1764-1765)

Sheet music associated with Mozart : London Sketchbook

K 15a (Anhang 109b, No. 1) Allegro in F Major, K 15a -- Urtext   F MajorPiano
K 15b (Anhang 109b, No. 2) Allegro in C Major, K 15b -- Urtext   C MajorPiano
K 15c Menuet in G Major, K 15c -- Urtext   G MajorPiano
K 15d Rondo in D Major, K 15d -- Urtext   D MajorPiano
K 15e Contredanse in G Major, K 15e -- Urtext   G MajorPiano
K 15f Menuet in C Major, K 15f -- Urtext   C MajorPiano
K 15g Klavierstück in G Major, K 15g -- Urtext   G MajorPiano
K 15h Country Dance in F Major, K 15h -- Urtext   F MajorPiano
K 15hh Rondo in F Major, K 15hh   F MajorPiano
K 15i Menuet in A Major, K 15i -- Urtext   A MajorPiano
K 15k Andante in A minor, K 15k -- Urtext   A minorPiano
K 15l Country Dance in A Major, K 15l -- Urtext   A MajorPiano
K 15ll Presto in B flat Major, K 15ll   B flat MajorPiano
K 15m (Anhang 109b, No. 4) Menuet in F Major, K 15m -- Urtext   F MajorPiano
K 15mm Andante in E flat Major, K 15mm   E flat MajorPiano
K 15n Andante in C Major, K 15n -- Urtext   C MajorPiano
K 15o Prelude in D Major, K 15o -- Urtext   D MajorPiano
K 15p (Anhang 109b, No. 3) Klavierstück in G minor, K 15p -- Urtext   G minorPiano
K 15pp Menuet in Bb Major, K 15pp   B flat MajorPiano
K 15q Klavierstück in B flat Major, K 15q -- Urtext   B flat MajorPiano
K 15qq Menuet in E flat Major, K 15qq   E flat MajorPiano
K 15r (Anhang 109b, No. 7) Klavierstück in G minor, K 15r -- Urtext   G minorPiano

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