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Hayes : The Muses Delight

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Details about Hayes : The Muses Delight |  Associated sheet music

This beautiful album The Muses Delight by Philip Hayes was first published in London in 1786.

Its full title is: The Muses Delight: Catches, Glees, Canzonets and Canons, Composed by Dr. Philip Hayes, Professor of Music in the University of Oxford.

As its name suggests, it contains catches, glees, canzonets and canons for two to six voices.

The most famous of these may well be the beautiful Ubi sunt gaudia [Where are those joys].

This catch for 6 voices can be used as a 6-voice canon.

We also have an arrangement for violin and piano.

Details about Hayes : The Muses Delight

Title : The Muses Delight
Subtitle : Catches, Glees, Canzonets and Canons
Composer : Hayes, Philip (1738-1797)
Catalog : The Muses Delight
Style : Classical
Composed/published : Published London, 1786
Original instrumentation : Violin and piano

Sources : Philip Hayes, The Muses Delight (London, 1786).

Sheet music associated with Hayes : The Muses Delight

The Muses Delight Canon   G MajorViola and piano
The Muses Delight Canon   F MajorFlute and piano
The Muses Delight Canon - Ubi sunt gaudia   D MajorVoice (1/6 : Highest) and piano
The Muses Delight Canon in D Major   D MajorViolin and piano

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