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Haydn, Franz Joseph

Haydn, Franz Joseph


Austrian composer of the Classical period.

Reference : Hoboken, Anthony van. Joseph Haydn, Thematisch-bibliographisches Werkverzeichnis [Joseph Haydn, Thematic-bibliographic Listing of his Works]. Mains, B. Schott's Schone, 1957, 3 vols.

The Hoboken catalog of Haydn's works was compiled between 1934 and 1971 by Anthony van Hoboken. In this catalog, the works are not listed chronologically by date of composition, but rather by musical form.

Works by Haydn, Franz Joseph

CatalogueTitleComposed/PublishedOriginal Instrumentation
  Das Deutschlandlied 1797Violin and piano
Hob. IX:29 and IX:24 Five Contradances (with Quadrille and Minuet), Hob. IX:29 and IX:24 Composed 1792Piano
Hob. IX:3 Zwölf Menuette (Menuetti), Hob. IX:3 ca 1763-1767Piano
Hob. IX:8 12 Menuets (with 5 Trios), Hob. IX:8 ca January 12, 1785Piano
Hob. XXVI Songs and Cantatas with Keyboard, Hob. XXVI Classical periodVoice and piano
Hoboken IX:12 12 Deutsche Tänze, Hob. IX:12 1792Orchestra
Hoboken IX:22 Ballo tedescho per il cembalo, Hob. IX:22 Classical periodPiano
Hoboken XVI Sonatas for Keyboard, Hob. XVI Classical periodPiano
Hoboken XXVIII:8 La vera costanza, Hob. XXVIII:8 1777-1778Opera
Kleine Stücke Zwölf kleine Stücke First published early 19th centuryPiano
Oeuvre 46 Différentes petites Pièces faciles et agréables Artaria, 1786Piano

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