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Handel : Air en menuet in D minor, HWV 462
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Handel : Miscellaneous Movements & Dances for Keyboard, HWV 457-586

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Air en menuet in D minor, HWV 462

Handel, George Frideric (1685-1759)

A tuneful Baroque minuet by Handel for Grade 2 piano students!   

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Includes : One solo score (1 page)

Difficulty level : Grade 2/12

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Program Notes on Air en menuet in D minor, HWV 462 by Handel :

This Air en menuet in D minor, HWV 462 was composed by George Frideric Handel around the years 1724-1726.

It thus belongs to the Baroque period.

The title Air en menuet can be translated to Air in the style of a minuet.

This Air en menuet has a simple A-A-B-B musical form :
  • Measures 1-8 : Phrase A (played twice) starts the main key of D minor and modulates to the relative key of F Major in measure 5
  • Measures 9-16 : Phrase B (played twice) begins in F Major and modulates back to the main key of D minor in measure 13
Please note that in this score, we suggest adding a cadential trill to measure 15 as was customarily done during the Baroque period.

For your convenience, the editor has included in this score a suggested realization for this cadential trill in accordance with the performance practice of the Baroque period.

In particular, trills begin ON the beat, on the upper auxiliary note. More on less repercussions may be played depending on the player's ability.

Also in accordance with Baroque performance practice, remember that unslurred eighth notes should be played slightly detached, especially in the left hand accompaniment.

Finally, a broken chord can be added to the final measure, as was also customarily done by performers of the Baroque period.

Sources :

George Frideric Handel, Miscellaneous Movements & Dances for Keyboard, HWV 457-586

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Sheet music details :


(Menuet - Minuet)
Composer :Handel, George Frideric (1685-1759) Opus/catalog number :HWV 462
Movements :Air en menuet Composition/First publication :Baroque period
Instrumentation :Piano Style :Baroque (1600-1750)
Key :D minor Duration :00:48
Edition :Edited by M.A. Caux Difficulty :Grade 2/12

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