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Gurlitt, Cornelius

Gurlitt, Cornelius


Cornelius Gurlitt was a German pianist, organist and composer of the Romantic period.

Gurlitt was a prolific composer and his output was varied, ranging from songs and teaching pieces to operas, cantatas, and symphonies.

He had a vision that music should not only entertain people but also contribute to their education.

Works by Gurlitt, Cornelius

CatalogueTitleComposed/PublishedOriginal Instrumentation
  Miscellaneous Piano Pieces Romantic periodPiano
Opus 101 Albumblätter für die Jugend : 20 kleine Tonstücke für Pianoforte, Op. 101 19th centuryPiano
Opus 107 Blüthen und Knospen, Op. 107 19th centuryPiano
Opus 117 Die Anfangs-Stunden, Op. 117 Romantic periodPiano
Opus 140 Album pour la jeunesse, Op. 140 Romantic periodPiano
Opus 188 Six Sonatinas for Piano, Op. 188 Romantic periodPiano
Opus 197 Der Hausfreund, Op. 197 Romantic periodPiano
Opus 205 Kleine Blumen, Op. 205 19th centuryPiano
Opus 210 Der erste Vortrag : 34 leichte Clavierstücke in progressiver Folge, Op. 210 First published 1896Piano
Opus 214 Four Sonatinas, Op. 214 19th centuryPiano
Opus 76 Six Sonatinas, Op. 76 Romantic periodPiano
Opus 82 Die ersten Schritte des jungen Klavierspielers, Op. 82 Romantic periodPiano

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