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God Save The King (Queen)

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Details about God Save The King (Queen) |  Associated sheet music

The anthem God Save the Queen (or God Save the King) is used in many Commonwealth realms.

It is the national anthem of the United Kingdom and its territories and dependencies, Norfolk Island, one of the two national anthems of the Cayman Islands and New Zealand (since 1977).

Since 1908, God Save the Queen is the royal anthem of Canada.

Sinde 1984, it is also the royal anthem of Australia.

It is also the royal anthem of Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, Jamaica, and Tuvalu.

In countries not previously part of the British Empire, the tune of God Save the Queen has also been used as the basis for different patriotic songs, though still generally associated with royal ceremony.

The composer of the song is unknown, and beyond its first verse, which is consistent, it has many historic and extant versions.

The melody of God Save the King is also used in the United States patriotic hymn America (also known by its first line, My Country, 'Tis of Thee).

The song, a de facto national anthem before the adoption of The Star-Spangled Banner in the 1930s, is quite popular among Americans, most of whom associate the tune with the American hymn rather than the British anthem.

Details about God Save The King (Queen)

Title : God Save the King (Queen)
Subtitle : National anthem of the United Kingdom and its territories and dependencies
Composer : (Anonymous)
Catalog :
Style : National Anthems
Composed/published : 17th or 18th centuries
Original instrumentation : Piano

Sources : God Save the King [God Save the Queen] (17th or 18th centuries).

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