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Dancla : Study in A Major, Op. 84, No. 35
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Dancla : Studies Op. 84

Dancla Sheet Music

Violin Sheet Music

Study in A Major, Op. 84, No. 35

Dancla, Charles (1817-1907)

An excellent study of finger action for easy violin!   

Pdf sheet music download for Violin solo     

Includes : One solo score (2 pages)

Difficulty level : Grade 3/12

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Program Notes on Study in A Major, Op. 84, No. 35 by Dancla :

This Study in A Major, Op. 84, No. 35 is about finger action.

It is written entirely in eighth notes (slurred 3 to a bow), in 6/8 meter.

Charles Dancla's Study Opus 84, No. 35 is to be played in the first and third positions.

It has the following musical form :
  • Mm. 1-8 : Phrase A, in the main key of A Major
  • Mm. 9-16 : Phrase A', starting exactly as Phrase A but modulating to the dominant key of E Major
  • Mm. 17-24 : Central phrase B in E Major, modulating back to the main key of A Major
  • Mm. 25-32 : Phrase A, repeated exactly as in mm. 1-8
  • Mm. 33-36 : Coda phrase 1 reinforcing the main key of A Major
  • Mm. 37-40 : Coda phrase 1, repeated exactly as in mm. 33-36
  • Mm. 41-end : Coda phrase 2 made up of A Major arpeggios
This finger-action study is preceded with an exercise in finger action in sixteenth notes on the A and D strings.

The violinist should be careful to keep the left hand relaxed and quiet, with the fingers very close to the string at all times.

In particular, the little finger should remain above the strings throughout the study.

Sources :

Charles Dancla, 36 Études mélodiques et très faciles pour le violon [36 Melodious and Very Easy Studies for the Violin], Op. 84.

Associated collections :

Violin Studies & Technique (Grade 3)    

Sheet music details :


(Melodious and Very Easy Study - Étude mélodique et très facile - Etude)
ComposerDancla, Charles (1817-1907) Opus/catalog numberOpus 84, No. 35
MovementsExercise - Allegretto grazioso Composition/First publication19th century
InstrumentationViolin solo StyleStudies & Technique
KeyA Major Duration01:43
EditionEdited by M.A. Caux DifficultyGrade 3/12

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