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Classical Sheet Music

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Classical Music :

In the history of music, the Classical period approximately extends from 1730 to 1820.

It thus comes after the Baroque period and is followed by the Romantic period.

The main characteristics of the Classical period are :

Composers from the Classical Period :

André, Johann Clementi, Muzio Kuhlau, Friedrich
André, Johann Anton Diabelli, Anton Latour, Jean Théodore
Arnold, Samuel Duncombe, William Martini, Jean-Paul-Égide
Attwood, Thomas Dussek, Jan Ladislav Méhul, Étienne Nicolas
Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel Giuliani, Mauro Mozart, Leopold
Bach, Johann Christian Gluck, Christoph Willibald Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Beethoven, Ludwig van Gossec, François-Joseph Neefe, Christian Gottlob
Benda, Jiri Antonin Grétry, André Ernest Modeste Pleyel, Ignace Joseph
Bertini, Henri Haslinger, Tobias Rousseau, Jean-Jacques
Boccherini, Luigi Hässler, Johann Wilhelm Steibelt, Daniel Gottlieb
Camidge, Matthew Haydn, Franz Joseph Türk, Daniel Gottlob
Carulli, Ferdinando Hayes, Philip Vanhal, Johann Baptist
Cimarosa, Domenico Hook, James

Works from the Classical Period :

ComposerTitleOriginal Instrumentation
(Anonymous)Pieces from the Notenbuch für WolfgangPiano
André, J.A.6 Sonates progressives, Op. 34Piano
ArnoldA Set of Progressive Lessons for the Harpsichord or the Piano Forte, Op. 12Piano
AttwoodEasy Progressive Lessons : Four SonatinasPiano
Bach, C.P.E.Kurze und leichte Klavierstücke, H 193-203, W 113Piano
Bach, C.P.E.Miscellaneous Keyboard PiecesPiano
Bach, C.P.E.Miscellaneous Keyboard SonatasPiano
Bach, C.P.E.Petites Pièces pour le ClavecinPiano
Bach, C.P.E.Sechs Sonaten für Kenner und Liebhaber, W 55Piano
Bach, C.P.E.Three Solfeggios, H 220-222, W 117/2-4Piano
Bach, J.C.Miscellaneous Works for KeyboardPiano
BeethovenAcht Lieder, Op. 52Voice (1/6 : Highest) and piano
BeethovenElf Neue Bagatellen, Op. 119Piano
BeethovenMiscellaneous Piano PiecesPiano
BeethovenMiscellaneous SongsVoice and piano
BeethovenSieben Bagatellen, Op. 33Piano
BeethovenSix Minuets, WoO 10Piano
BeethovenTen National Airs with Variations, Op. 107Piano
BeethovenTwelve German Dances, WoO 13Piano
BeethovenZwei Klaviersonatinen, Kinsky-Halm Anhang 5Piano
BendaSonatinas for KeyboardPiano
BoccheriniString QuintetsString quintet
Carulli24 Morceaux très faciles, Op. 121Guitar
CimarosaSonatas for PianoPiano
ClementiIntroduction to the Art of Playing on the Piano Forte, Op. 42Piano
ClementiSecond Part of Introduction to the Art of Playing on the Piano Forte, Op. 43Piano
ClementiSix Progressive Sonatinas for the Piano Forte, Op. 36Piano
Diabelli30 sehr leichte Übungsstücke, Op. 39Guitar
DiabelliDie ersten 12 Lectionen am Pianoforte, Op. 125Piano
DiabelliLe Bouquetier : Quatre Sonatines pour piano seul, Op. 151Piano
DiabelliMusikalische Morgenstunden einer Woche. 7 Sonatinen, Op. 168Piano
DuncombeProgressive Lessons for the Harpsichord and Piano FortePiano
GiulianiDodici Monferrine per chitarra, Op. 12Guitar
GiulianiLe Papillon pour guitare seule, Op. 50Guitar
GiulianiXII Écossoises pour la guitarre, Op. 33Guitar
GluckOrfeo ed EuridiceOpera
GossecMiscellaneous Chamber WorksViolin and piano
GrétryRichard Coeur-de-lionOpera
HaslingerSonatinas for PianoPiano
Hässler50 Pièces à l'usage des commençants, Op. 38Piano
HässlerMiscellaneous Keyboard PiecesPiano
Haydn12 Deutsche Tänze, Hob. IX:12Orchestra
Haydn12 Menuets (with 5 Trios), Hob. IX:8Piano
HaydnBallo tedescho per il cembalo, Hob. IX:22Piano
HaydnDifférentes petites Pièces faciles et agréablesPiano
HaydnFive Contradances (with Quadrille and Minuet), Hob. IX:29 and IX:24Piano
HaydnLa vera costanza, Hob. XXVIII:8Opera
HaydnSonatas for Keyboard, Hob. XVIPiano
HaydnSongs and Cantatas with Keyboard, Hob. XXVIVoice and piano
HaydnZwölf kleine StückePiano
HaydnZwölf Menuette (Menuetti), Hob. IX:3Piano
HayesThe Muses DelightViolin and piano
Hook, J.Miscellaneous Keyboard PiecesPiano
Hook, J.New Guida di musica, Op. 81Piano
KuhlauQuatre Sonatines faciles et doigtées pour le Pianoforte, Op. 88Piano
KuhlauSix Sonatines faciles, progressives et doigtées pour le Piano forte, Op. 55Piano
KuhlauTrois Sonatines pour le Pianoforte, Op. 20Piano
LatourFour Progressive Sonatinas for the PianofortePiano
Martini, JPEAirs du Droit du Seigneur et Trois Romances NouvellesVoice and piano
MéhulLe jeune HenriOpera
Mozart, L.Pieces from the Notebook for NannerlPiano
Mozart, L.Pieces from the Notebook for WolfgangPiano
Mozart, W.A.12 Duos for Horns, K 487, K6 496aHorn duet
Mozart, W.A.Don Giovanni, K 527Opera
Mozart, W.A.La clemenza ti Tito, K 621Opera
Mozart, W.A.London NotebookPiano
Mozart, W.A.Miscellaneous Piano PiecesPiano
Mozart, W.A.Motets & Sacred MusicChoir SATB and orchestra
Mozart, W.A.Pieces from the Notebook for Nannerl MozartPiano
Mozart, W.A.Six Viennese Sonatinas, K 439bPiano
Mozart, W.A.Sonatas for PianoPiano
NeefeMiscellaneous Works for KeyboardPiano
Pleyel, I.Duos for two Violins, Op. 8Violin duet
Pleyel, I.Six petits duos pour deux violons, Op. 48Violin duet
Pleyel, I.Sonatinas for PianoPiano
RousseauLe Devin du villageOpera
SteibeltMiscellaneous Keyboard PiecesPiano
SteibeltMiscellaneous Pieces for ViolinViolin and piano
TürkHandstücke für angehende KlavierspielerPiano
TürkMiscellaneous Keyboard PiecesPiano
TürkZwölf Handstücke zum Gebrauche beim UnterrichtenPiano
Vanhal12 Sonatinas, Op. 41Piano

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