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Clarke : King William's March
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Clarke : Miscellaneous Pieces for Harpsichord or Spinet

Clarke Sheet Music

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King William's March

Clarke, Jeremiah (ca 1674-1707)

Jeremiah Clarke's King William's March is a great favorite from the Baroque period (Easy)!   

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Includes : One solo score (1 page)

Difficulty level : Grade 2/12

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Program Notes on King William's March by Clarke :

With its energy and character, this King William's March in D Major is a great favorite amongst young piano students.

Jeremiah Clarke's King William's March was composed during the Baroque period.

It has a simple A-A-B-B musical form :
  • Mm. 1-8 : Part A (played twice) in the key of D Major
  • Mm. 9-16 : Part B (played twice) starts in the dominant key of A Major, modulating back to D Major in measure 11
Please take note of the following points concerning the performance practice of the Baroque period:
  • Most quarter notes in both the left and right hands should be played slightly detached
  • Cadential trills are required in measures 8 and 16, even though not indicated by Jeremiah Clarke
  • Also, in such final cadences, all dotted quarter notes should be double dotted, so that the eighth note following the dotted quarter note becomes a sixteenth note
  •  the editor has included in this score suggested realizations for these two cadential trills (which English composers called shakes)
  • As was customarily done during the Baroque period, the player can add notes to embellish certain passages, as can be done here in measures 3-4, 7-8, 12 and 15-16
  • Jeremiah Clarke, like all other composers of the Baroque era, did not provide any dynamics in his autograph score. Hence the dynamics given in this score are editorial

Sources :

Jeremiah Clarke, Miscellaneous Pieces for the Harpsichord or Spinnet

Associated collections :

Baroque Sheet Music for Piano (Grade 2)     The Third Book of the Harpsichord Master    

Sheet music details :


(From The Third Book of the Harpsichord Master)
ComposerClarke, Jeremiah (ca 1674-1707) Opus/catalog numberThe Third Book of the Harpsichord Master
MovementsMarch - Marche Composition/First publicationBaroque period
InstrumentationPiano StyleBaroque (1600-1750)
KeyD Major Duration01:09
EditionEdited by M.A. Caux DifficultyGrade 2/12

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