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Bonis, Mel. : La Puce, Op. 103
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Mel Bonis : Album pour les tout-petits, Op. 103

Bonis, Mel. Sheet Music

Piano Sheet Music

La Puce, Op. 103

Bonis, Mel. (1858-1937)

A lively piece of music by Mel. Bonis for Grade 1 piano students!   

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Includes : One solo score (2 pages)

Difficulty level : Grade 1/12

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Program Notes on La Puce, Op. 103 by Bonis, Mel. :

This lively piano piece entitled La Puce [The Flea] is part of the Album pour les tout-petits, Op. 103 [Album for the Very Young, Op. 103] by Mel. Bonis.

This album was first published in 1913.

It contains 20 short piano pieces for young pianists.

This piece La Puce is appropriate for Grade 1 piano students.

While playing it, try to imagine a flea teasing a poor cat (measures 1 to 4).

The cat tries to catch it in two unsuccessful attempts (measures 5 to 8) and becomes increasingly exasperated with the flea.

Desperate and impatient, the cat even runs after its own tail in an effort to catch the flea (measures 9 to 15)!

But the flea soon returns (in measure 16), as alive as it was in the beginning.

In measures 20 to 23, the cat again attempts to catch the flea...

And it finally does, with a great, swift and glorious move, in measure 24!

Sources :

Mel. Bonis, Album pour les tout-petits, Op. 103 [Album for the Very Young, Op. 103] (Poulalion, 1913).

Associated collections :

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Sheet music details :

LA PUCE, OP. 103

(The Flea - From Album pour les tout-petits, Op. 103)
ComposerBonis, Mel. (1858-1937) Opus/catalog numberOpus 103
MovementsVif - Lively Composition/First publicationPublished 1913
InstrumentationPiano StyleModern & Contemporary (1900-present)
KeyA minor Duration00:52
EditionEdited by M.A. Caux DifficultyGrade 1/12

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