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Beethoven : Elf Neue Bagatellen, Op. 119

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Details about Beethoven : Elf Neue Bagatellen, Op. 119 |  Associated sheet music

These Elf Neue Bagatellen, Op. 119 [Eleven New Bagatelles, Op. 119] by Ludwig van Beethoven were composed between the 1790s and the early 1820s.

They were first published by Clementi & Co. in London, in 1823.

They thus belong to the Classical period.

Although the French word bagatelle means trifle, these short piano pieces were highly regarded by Beethoven.

Beethoven's Eleven Bagatelles, Opus 119 are nowadays considered as musical jewels of their genre.

Nevertheless, they were the subject of a heated argument between Beethoven and publisher Peters Verlag to whom they were first offered, and who wrote to Beethoven :

Your pieces are not worth the money that you are asking for them, and it is beneath your dignity to waste your time with such trivia that anyone could compose.

Details about Beethoven : Elf Neue Bagatellen, Op. 119

Title : Elf Neue Bagatellen, Op. 119
Subtitle : Eleven Bagatelles, Op. 119
Composer : Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770-1827)
Catalog : Opus 119
Style : Classical
Composed/published : Completed 1820-1822 - First published London, 1823
Original instrumentation : Piano

Sources : Ludwig van Beethoven, Elf Neue Bagatellen, Op. 119 (London, 1823)

Sheet music associated with Beethoven : Elf Neue Bagatellen, Op. 119

Opus 119, No. 1 Bagatelle in G minor, Op. 119, No. 1 -- Urtext   G minorPiano
Opus 119, No. 9 Bagatelle in A minor, Op. 119, No. 9 -- Urtext   A minorPiano

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