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Bartók, Béla

Bartók, Béla


Béla Bartók was a Hungarian composer, ethnomusicologist and pianist of the 20th Century.

Bartók earned his living mainly from teaching and playing the piano.

He was also a relentless collector and analyst of folk music.

However, Bartók is recognized today principally as a one of the most important composers of the 20th century.

His mature works were highly influenced by his ethnomusicological studies, particularly those of Hungarian, Romanian and Slovak peasant musics.

Along with Franz Liszt, Bartók is considered to be Hungary's greatest composer.

With Kodaly and Dohnanyi, Bartók is also a founding figure of 20th-century Hungarian musical culture.

Finally, through his analytical study of folk music, Bartók was one of the founders of ethnomusicology.

Works by Bartók, Béla

CatalogueTitleComposed/PublishedOriginal Instrumentation
Sz. 42, BB 53 For Children, Sz. 42, BB 53 1908-1909, rev. 1945Piano
Sz. 53, BB 66 First Term at the Piano, Sz. 53 1913Piano

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