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J.C.F. Bach : Musikalische Nebenstunden

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Details about J.C.F. Bach : Musikalische Nebenstunden |  Associated sheet music

In 1787 and 1788, Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach published a four-volume collection of his keyboard music, songs and cantatas, under the title Musikalische Nebenstunden, or Musical Leisure Hours.

The Musikalische Nebenstunden contains mainly short works, intended for light entertainment.

Many of these pieces are popular dance forms of the day, such as the minuet, Schwäbish (Swabian dance), musette and march.

The Musikalische Nebenstunden also contains works by other composers such as songs by W.F.E. Bach and by other noble dilettantes from Bückeburg and Minden.

Details about J.C.F. Bach : Musikalische Nebenstunden

Title : Musikalische Nebenstunden
Subtitle : Musical Leisure Hours - Volumes I to IV
Composer : Bach, Johann Christoph Friedrich (1732-1795)
Catalog : Musikalische Nebenstunden
Style : Baroque
Composed/published : Published 1787-1788
Original instrumentation : Piano

Sources : Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach, Musikalische Nebenstunden, Volumes I to IV (Rinteln, 1787-1788).

Sheet music associated with J.C.F. Bach : Musikalische Nebenstunden

Musikalische Nebenstunden Schwäbisch in D Major   D MajorPiano
Musikalische Nebenstunden I Minuet in C Major   C MajorPiano

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